About Lee

I'm going to do A SUPER JOB FOR YOU..! I am a Master Of The Photographic Industry with decades of experience. Not much that I haven't done. I've worked in eighteen states, shot almost thirty seven hundred weddings and major events, and too many sittings to count. I greatly enjoy working with the public and meeting new people and making my time with you and the imagery I make for you SUPER..! Unlike most in my industry I live in Photoshop and many of the major plugins that are available to work with it. I am after all a Digital Artist also. I love working with studio lights when and where I can and often a flash on the camera or just existing ambient light depending on what is needed to please you and I.

For many years I belonged to just about every major industry organization and learned much from each. I've attended both seminars and five day schools very often as well as taught classes. My stengths are my knowledge of the most advanced digital technology and software as well as my Curiosity, Integrity, Drive, Problem-Solving, Resiliency, Self-Awareness, Emotional Awareness, and Photographic and Artistic Ability.

I'm dedicated to my client's satisfaction, and you can count on me for the attention to detail needed to bring life into your photographs. I promise you a collaborative experience to ensure that you get the photos you've been dreaming of. I do photography for all types of events, and I have experience taking:

  • Children's Portraits
  • Engagement Photos
  • Wedding Photos
  • Studio Portraits
  • Pet Portraits
  • Commercial Photography
  • High School Senior Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Private Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • If it needs photographed Lee can do it

Here at Lee M. Friedman Photography, Lee can provide you with a York, PA, professional photographer with experience. Call Lee today to learn how.

I can help create memories that last a lifetime.