Lee M. Friedman Photography provides professional family portraits in Dallastown, PA. No matter what the occasion Lee M. Friedman is the right Professional Master Photographer to bring your family together and photograph every grouping you ask. Whether formal or casual, indoors or outdoors, using our outdoor studio or a location we have looked at with you in advance, Lee M. Friedman can assure you a great session is being planned. All important factors will be addressed from the youngest age in the group for the best time of day, to purpose if one, and to clothing to wear and not to wear to make the nicest color balance.

Flexible Family Photographer in Dallastown, PA

Trust Lee M. Friedman Photography to cover the bases and get you around them with ease and comfort with a big score. Even if a family member can't make the day Lee M. Friedman can photograph him later and add him in. If the background isn't exactly what you want it may be possible to Photoshop bits and pieces in to make it more dramatic. Please feel at ease discussing your needs with Lee M. Friedman, “Have Camera, Will Travel."