Lee M. Friedman recognizes that your child is now approaching being an adult. It is Lee M. Friedman's desire to create the best images of your son or daughter in his indoor studio, outdoor studio, barn, an old client's 60 acre farm he is allowed to use, or a place you have selected. Lee allows a generous amount of time per sitting of two hours. Your son or daughter are allowed to change clothing as many times as they care but Lee suggests not to over do it. Lee wants them in front of his camera for most of their time not changing clothing constantly as camera time is more productive. Lee will fill you in on what types of clothing and colors to bring along. Lee generally likes formal photograpy in the studio and casual photography at any of the before mentioned places. Parents generally like the formals and the sons and daughters generally like the casuals so Lee does both at no extra fee. At the time of the sitting there is a $50.00 deposit which goes towards your order, there actually is no sitting fee. Within a matter of hours to days you may see your photographs to make your choices. Once decided upon it's generally a matter of three to four days to receive your final finished order depending on Lee's schedule.