What Lee's Clients are saying...

Super Senior Portraits

Lee, I can't thank you enough for Lexi's senior portraits. The time you spent with her, the number of changes of clothing, the different backgrounds you picked to go with her outfits, your lovely outdoor studio, and most of all her cat TomTom..!!! You were patient beyond belief and the portraits show your amazing skills. You've pulled the rabbit out of the hat for us again..!!! Thanks and see you for the last one in a year..! Judy

More Than Met My Expectations

Needed pictures including physique and head shots for modeling. With the advent of digital photography, the overall quality of the "professional" photographer has been greatly watered down. To put it simply: anyone can now claim to be a professional if they have the money to be able to afford a quality camera. After an initial appointment with Lee, I knew that I had found someone different. His photographs show his experience and depth of knowledge within the field of photography. The weeks that I had spent attempting to find a true professional had come to an end and I knew that I had found the right photographer for my needs. A few days later, I was back at his studio for the actual shoot. Lee made me feel immediately at ease, and his eye captured some truly great pictures that afternoon. He offered me the ability to use multiple backgrounds, his barn, outfits, etc at no additional cost. With the pleasant conversation and constant ideas flowing, the a few hours flew by. The amount of quality pictures I had to choose from made it hard to keep my initial $300 budget in mind, and I just absolutely could not say "no" to some of them for the additional cost. All-in-all, my experience with Lee Friedman was an extremely pleasant one. I very much look forward to working with him again in the future! Jamie

Our Precious Pup

Dear Lee, "First off, I have to tell you, you are the most delightful person I have ever met! My husband was thrilled with the portrait of Molly. It was the most meaningful gift he ever received. I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. Your expertise is unsurpassed and the end product shows it. The picture will forever be cherished by both of us." God Bless You, ...Ann

Selecting a Wedding Photographer

When looking for a photographer for our wedding we reviewed several. Many were not in business too long and their work was poor, many were not new to being a photographer but their attention to details and the selection of pictures we were shown weren't anything to brag about, and then there were some that survived many years of working with film and passed into the digital age with success and were excellent photographers that have an eye for detail, posing, and their clients comfort range. Mr. Friedman was in the last group and we hired him as we felt he more than others would guide us through our wedding without problems. Mr. Friedman surely did have several things to alert us to so we didn't have problems and our wedding day was delightful. We got beautiful pictures and he stayed a very long time without extra charge. We highly recommend Mr. Friedman for any photographic service! Sammi and James

Dogs Behaved..?

Took sittings of my 2 dogs that NEVER sat still for anyone to take there picture! Lee was very patient with them which in turn made me very comfortable working with him as a photographer. We had numerous poses and the dogs didn't seem to mind it a bit. Russ

Commercial Lot In A Hurry

We wanted a great commercial quality shot of one of our car lots before new owners took posession. I spoke to Lee and he came over and looked around and then advised me exactly what we needed to do. After lining up the cars he was fourteen foot up in the air to take the picture. He Photoshopped a lot of objects out of the background and added a moon to the sky along with many other things he did with his artwork. We got two beautiful wall portraits of the picture. Lee has done work for us before and I highly recommend him. Ed

Family All Together

It's only every eight to ten years that we get the entire family together and have a Reunion. We gathered nearly ninety people at a park. Lee came out and not only posed the entire group but also posed and photographed all the families that wanted portraits done. I'm very happy we received quality prints and had no doubts about the services provided. Gerald

Satisfied Mother Of The Bride

Lee provided wedding pictures for my daughter. Lee was prompt for every meeting and always prepared to answer questions and concern with confidence. The day of the wedding he had all the bases covered. He amazed me with the patience he had for family young and old. Not once did I see, hear, or feel unease in the amount of work to get from floor to floor (steps) or from church to reception venue. Candid shots were plentiful, with a wide range of serious to ,of course, happy. Even the reverent moments were caught with the utmost care. Great personality and fabulous photographer. Michelle

Beautiful Senior Portraits

Images were far superior to what the school photographer took. She changed clothing three times, different backgrounds were used, outdoor studio was used, and Mr. Friedman spent nearly two hours with her. The final portraits were beautiful. Mr. Friedman initially on the first phone call guided us on what type of clothing to bring along. Mary Ann