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Top 5 Tips for Photographing Children

An estimated 2.5 trillion photos were shared or stored online in 2016. It sounds like a staggering statistic. However, if you think about how often you rely on your smartphone's camera or post a picture to social media, it's not that crazy.

Smartphone snaps are convenient, but when it comes to major milestones, you want a professional photographer on hand. This is especially true when trying to capture children, although getting good pictures of kids isn't easy.

When being in front of the camera is the last thing your kids want, you need to have a plan in place to ensure the photo shoot goes well. Below, we're sharing five tips for photographing children that are guaranteed to produce prints you'll love.

1. Be Ready for Anything

Photographing children is less about getting the perfect pose and more about capturing their natural spirit. Especially with babies and young toddlers, they aren't going to be able to follow directions anyway.

What kids do know how to do is be themselves, and letting their natural instincts guide the shoot often leads to the most authentic photos. You get smiles you would never see if they were being told to smile, and you're able to capture them in action doing the things that make them happy.

Sometimes that makes the shoot unpredictable, but being ready for anything can be the fun of working with kids.

2. Take Breaks Along the Way

Even the best-behaved child, who is willing to take instruction, is going to run out of steam before you do. You can try different methods to improve his or her attention span, but the best thing you can do to move a shoot along is to stop it for a while.

Allowing a child some time to be distracted, run around or simply goof off will help your photography session in the long run. They won't be constantly thinking about when they can stop, and a shortbreak can help them stay focused later.

3. Sometimes the Best Plan is No Plan

If you go into a kid shoot with a set idea of what you want the images to look like, you may only be setting yourself up for disappointment. What you have in your head might not align a tall with what the child wants to or is willing to do.

Rather than getting frustrated, embrace being able to let go of the plan altogether. Let the child run the shoot based on the activities they want to do. You'll be surprised at how meaningful the candids will be since your child will look happy in them.

4. Photographing Children Means Having Patience

More than the right equipment, patience is the number one must-have when it comes to photographing children.You never know how a shoot is going to go, and you have to be willing to wait for the photos you want.

It could take a child awhile to warm up to you or to the equipment. There might be stretches of time when they just want to sit still or lie down. Whether you get a good photo is not likely to be as important to them as it is to you, so having the patience to wait for your opportunities is the only way to get through.

5. Embrace the Chaos

We all want to capture milestones,but sometimes even we don't know what that looks like until we're in the middle of it. Life with children can be hectic and chaotic; sometimes the milestone is just surviving another day.

Don't be afraid to show what's real, even if it's messy or unfiltered. Capture the baby crying or the toddler napping or even the disinterest on your child's face. When you look at pictures later, those will be the poses that will instantly transport you back to the day...even if they aren't the one you put on the holiday card.

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